Bronchitis – Home Remedies

Usually bronchitis are of two types acute bronchitis and chronic bronchitis. Normally it is seen that acute bronchitis can be easily cured. It can be treated within few weeks say 2-3 weeks. Hence other special treatment to this type of bronchitis is not needed, rather home treatments are preferred.

These include following home treatments

One is advised to take regular and immediate treatment against the bronchitis disease. One required to take cough drops, drink plenty of fluids, and avoid allergic and irritants conditions as it may relief cough, which is believed to be the cause of bronchitis. The allergic and many irritants may ultimately lead to itching of lungs, that may give more possibilities of bronchitis.

The patient suffering from bronchitis may also use suppressants that may relief you from coughing. One can also use expectorants to relief the cough pain. The patients of acute bronchitis may avoid the products like alcohol, caffeine and related products, as these products may cause lessening of the body fluid. Person suffering from bronchitis may give-up smoking, as this may increase lung problems and ultimately bronchitis.

A person suffering from bronchitis should take complete rest as the body utilizes lots of energy for convalesces and required to keep relaxed to rebuild the energy to fight against the disease.

In order to defend the fever or bodies febricity one is advised to take medication like aspirin or ibuprofen, but this medication is not applicable to the patient below 20yrs.

Thus according the doctors prescription, one can even take the medication like beta agonists which may provide relief to the cough ultimately to the bronchitis. Hence this type of medication may even cause some side-effects like shivering etc.

If there arises any complications then antibiotics are advised to the patient.