Bodybuilding- The Natural Way

In bodybuilding, a person loses the mass caused due to fat and builds muscles and maintains them in proper shape. The best way to bodybuilding is the natural way i.e. taking no help of ‘drugs’. Natural bodybuilding is a combination of enhanced weight training and a complete balanced diet. In this all the nutrients supplied to body are in their natural form. This saves the body from the risks of side-effects. Unless accompanied by appropriate nutrition, any amount of rigorous exercise is bound to go waste.So far considered a male dominated bastion, now women too are entering this field. As compared to females, males are able to work out more because their bodies secrete a hormone called testosterone. To get good results , one has to concentrate on whole body- not just muscles.

Taking artificial Insulin

Whenever sugar level in our body rises, the pancreas secrete a hormone called insulin. Taking insulin in artificial form helps us in working out for longer periods. However, this use of Insulin does not come without a rider. If a person is not diabetic, then his taking artificial insulin will make his pancreas to stop producing natural insulin. This may lead to the person eventually becoming diabetic! Besides this, insulin use can also lead to some serious health problems including coma, elevated blood pressure, and an increase in one’s respiratory rate.
Anabolic steroids are altogether banned in US. Some steroids are available even without doctor’s prescription. However, even these are not 100% safe.
So, what’s the moral of the story? The best approach is to play safe by relying on only nutritious food.
Now we shall talk about something that most people forget when they talk about bodybuilding- effect of bodybuilding on your mind. Hours of lifting weight and workouts have effect on our minds too. Our will-power increases. A person with a chiseled body is more confident . Workout gives us a good posture, be it sitting or standing.