Beware When Heart Attack Occurs

If anybody feels the sign or symptom of heart attack he/she should take quick initiative and this time you should hesitate as you might loose your precious, as most of the people loose by just neglecting this situation by telling themselves that this might be the pain of indigestion. No, don’t do this just get the medical help as soon as possible. Single minute is very precious in a heart attack as it can save life by getting the treatment on time. Permanently keep the emergency phone numbers saved in your cellular so that in case of emergency you can get immediate help. Without wasting time local emergency medical service (EMS) will be available to take you to the hospital.

As a measure of first aid, if clot-dissolving medicine is given to the patient that can save life and reduce risk factor to damage the heart muscle, but when the  treatment begins very soon after a heart attack occurs. But delaying very long in treating the patient can result in damage to the heart muscle that could have been avoided with immediate treatment. EMS teams can begin monitoring care from the moment the patient arrived.

If Anybody Pursue Warning Signs?

Most of the people easily deny that they are not having a heart attack, but later this costs a lot. More often people consider the pain and tenderness is due to indigestion and will depart in half an hour. And it is more terrifying for most people to admit that they are at the edge of the heart attak. Anyone in a family who has previously suffered from a heart attack will let you know that the family member’s preliminary reaction was to deny or to hide the seriousness of the symptoms of attack.

Early care of the attack is very much favorable to survival. But every single moment is as important as it passes by. As soon as the person who is having heart attack arrives at the hospital, the better the chances are there for his/her survival. Try to know and understand the signs and symptoms of a heart attack. When you see someone experiencing it, get that person to a advanced health care without wasting a single moment. The person may try to pretend as if he don’t need to see a doctor, but do not bother of his/her answer. As it is said that prevention is better than cure.

Quick Action Can Save A Life

You can create a difference in the event of a cardiac emergency if you know some basic first aid. Associations such as the American Heart Association and American Red Cross society offers training for general public. Every year, thousands of people are rescued by people who got the training for this type of emergency and how to use automated external defibrillators (AED) and who were able to respond quickly to emergency situations.

A terrible incident occurred at a company during their annual holiday party. One of the employee collapsed from a heart attack in the middle of the invitees. None of the party animals knew cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Although emergency service arrived, but he died. Possibly his life could have been saved if someone had taken quick emergency steps. After the event, the firm initiated an internal cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training program for its staff. It was an sad but unfortunate case for learning a lesson.