Be Healthy While Traveling!

Who wants to fall ill while traveling? Nobody. But at times you may fall ill while traveling. Especially when you are on a holiday you will never want to fall sick. There is always a risk of falling sick when you travel abroad. This depends on two important factors.

1)Safety Precautions

WHO has given a list of illness that can catch you while you travel. This is as follows
If you are on a month long trip than there are very much chances that you may be caught by Diarrhea. To avoid this take safe food and drink. Prompt treatment with antibiotics stops most cases of diarrhea. Malaria, which can be fatal, is the most important parasitic disease to avoid overseas. It is a serious health problem in many tropical and subtropical countries.

Hepatitis is also very common viral illness you need to avoid. While not usually fatal, hepatitis A can spoil the best planned vacation. If you are exposed to hepatitis A during your trip get another vaccine and it is important to use good hygiene, sanitation, and food safety practices.

2) Making Adequate Pre-departure Preparations

Always secure your visas and travel documents in plenty of time for your trip. This will help reduce any travel anxiety and stress! Also learn about potential health risks in each of the places where you’ll being traveling. Avoid traveling if you are pregnant. If it’s impossible to avoid then consult your doctor.
Make a list of available foreign clinics in the area will you will be located.

Carry A First Aid Kit

Never forget to carry  a first aid kit with you. And your first aid kit must contain the following:
Thermometer, Scissors, Tweezers, Adhesive bandages, Aspirin, Non-adhesive dressings, Antiseptic powder or solution, Bar of soap, Prescription antibiotic for enteric infections, Pack of tissues & small pack of paper towels (for drying hands),  Alcohol gel skin sanitizer, OTC Antibiotic cream, Wound closure/butterfly strips

Be Careful With Your Food And Water

Always be careful before you eat or drinks something. Eat only in good and clean restaurants. If you do not know where to get good hygienic food from, take help of the people around. Eat foods that are well-cooked and served steaming hot.

You can even go for breads, tortillas, crackers, biscuits, and other baked goods.
Try to eat canned foods.
Eat fruits, nuts, and vegetables with thick skins, peels, or shells that you remove yourself. Do not use tap water to wash your food, instead use bottled or boiled water.
Drink carbonated bottled water or soda if unsure about quality of drinking water.

Food That You Should Avoid

  • Leafy or uncooked vegetables and salads.
  • Any food from street vendors or market stalls.
  • Unpasteurized dairy products such as cheese, yogurt, ice cream, or milk.
  • Undercooked, raw, or cold meat, seafood, or fish.
  • Buffet foods unless you know they are fresh and have been kept steaming hot. Avoid buffets where there are no food covers or fly controls.
  • Ice in drinks if unsure about the quality of drinking water & use bottled water for brushing teeth.
  • Cold sauces such as mayonnaise, salad dressing, chutneys, or salsas, which are usually raw and may be made by hand.