Baby massage-A Touch Therapy

The new-born babies are very sensitive to the external environment of the womb. Right from the womb, they develop the sensation of the touch. Hence it is believed to be the first sense of the embryo. The birth of the young one’s is the most heavenly period in the women’s life.

When the baby makes an entry in this world, he or she should be provided with the gentle and loving touch. During birth of a child, the baby progressively comes out from the birth canal and in doing so the body experiences a good message. Hence, it is believed that message build a healthy and strong child.

From the centuries people are practicing massage to the babies, usually after 1-2 days after birth. This is practiced usually in most of the Asian countries. Massage of the babies is daily practiced, in order to keep the baby fit and strong. Various baby oils are used to perform message. Baby oil used for the massage enters the pores of the skin and provides required nourishment to the body.

Massage also increases the blood circulation, as the new born baby performs very little movement daily. The message is practiced regularly until the baby starts going to school. Usually grandmothers perform this practice to the babies, but soon mothers handle this ritual when they feel fit.

Hence while performing massage to the babies, the baby’s sensation develops more strong due to frequent gentle touch and the babies identifies the tough apart from the touch of mother and father.

Great studies revealed that the touch therapy create a fine loving bond and develops a communication link between the parents and the baby. Babies usually feel unsafe and cry when any stranger touches them. The babies spend nearly all time with their mother and hence develop a great affection towards mother than father. Even when they grow up they develop a close relation between their mothers.

In cases where fathers are more caring, usually while changing the nappies, etc, it has been found that the babies develop much close relation towards their father. It is overall the safe feeling that the baby feel while being with their parents. Therefore it is very important that both the parents should give full involvement in bringing up the child.

Babies developed by Caesarean section also need the gentle touch, even though not massaged during birth through the birth canal. Babies born by fast delivery by traumatize method are also required to practice massage. Overall massage is the secondary source to provide strength and energy to the body.

Hence touch therapy is the sensational signals transferred from the cells, thus transmitting the warmth and energy to the other body. In wider sense, this therapy is usually used in cases like unconsciousness, paralysis, coma etc.