Acne: Dealing With It

The Problem

Almost everyone of us faces the problem of acne during adolescent years. The problem becomes aggravated by the fact that these are the times when our looks matter to us the most. Girls especially are more haunted by the very thought of going through this problem. Not surprisingly, those suffering from acne often succumb to depression. How much it matters to our emotions can be gauged from the fact that acne has become a 4 billion dollar industry in US.Acne could be in the form of whitehead, blackhead or pimple. They are more common in winters because we wear heavy clothing during those times.


Acne is arrtibuted mainly to fluctuations in hormone levels. Other reason could be blocking of pores and thus not allowing waste matter to be excreted out through skin.

Prevention And Cure

We should take good care of our skin. Try to wash it as often as possible to keep it oilfree. Instead of using plain water for bath it also helps to use Salicylic acid based cleanser. Although this is not a cure, it can minimize acne breakouts.
Drink good amount of water. This will keep skin hydrated. Besides, water also flushes our body. Those of us(especially girls) who use cosmetics should make sure that they are oil-free. Exfoliating occasionally helps by opening pores and removing dead skin debris.
Avoid wearing tight fitting clothes as these prevent sweat being released through pores.
Industry has tried to encash this problem by coming out with some over the counter medicines, especially creams. The active ingredient in these medications is usually Benzoyl peroxide or retinoic acid.

Taking food rich in Linoleic acid or linoleic acid supplements is also helpful.
Dermatologists try various oral medications such as antibiotics or Accutane .
Distilled, diluted white vinegar can be applied to affected areas.
Dermatologists can even take help of lasers in this treatment.
Surgery too can be resorted to.

All above medications have to be taken with a pinch of salt as there are many reports of their side-effects.

Those of us who insist on naturopathy can take help of tea tree oil or Echinacea or Oregon grape. These have anti-inflammatory and anti-septic qualities. They help in reducing breakouts. Dilute lemon juice too can be applied to affected regions. This should be allowed to dry and rinsed with cool water after about 10 minutes.

All said and done, we should not forget that attraction to others is much more than physical beauty. Other factors such as intelligence and physical beauty are also to be taken into account.

To conclude, remember that beauty and acne are only skin deep.