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A Review of Supple and Whether It Works

Supple comes in the form of a liquid that can be drunk, unlike other joint pain relievers that are available in the form of topical creams or capsules. It is only sold on the internet through the official website of Supple. This website does contain a lot of information but does use some statements that seem exaggerated and gimmicky, while it also goes on, on its web space to deride similar products offered by rivals.


This product is advertised on the TV show “As Seen on TV” makes a claim that the cure is seen is seven days, and also offers a challenge to customers to claim a hundred percent guarantee in case they are not satisfied. The site itself is quite attractive and colorful and has a feeling of being user friendly and also offers many sections and headings that are very properly labeled. Diagrams of the structure of the joint and details on how pain affects these areas are part of the site. No actual proof is however provided by Supple of the claims they make regarding clinical studies and the statements based on them. However photos accompany the testimonials given by customers, and there is a good frequently asked questions section as well as one where the superiority of Supple over other competitors in the market is highlighted.

Facts about Supple

The website from Supple contains information about the constituents of this drink and details the ten minerals and vitamins that it has in addition to the puree of natural fruit juice. You are required to consume one can per day in the single flavor of mango and peach in which it is available. It is further suggested that this should be consumed instead of a snack and this can help to reduce weight and reduce obesity, which quite often is the cause of pain in the joints.

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