Ponds Age Miracle Reviews

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The journey of Ponds company can be traced back nearly 162 years ago, when it was formally launched in US with the introduction of its first product, Ponds Golden Treasure in city of New York by a pharmacist named Theron T. Pond. Since then, the company has steadily grown from strength to strength, carving a special place in the hearts of women around the world with its top quality and truly effective skin care products.

A review of Ponds Age Miracle

Ponds Age Miracle ReviewsPonds Age Miracle is basically an anti-aging cream which looks to capture every women’s desire to look young and beautiful forever. The main ingredients used in this product include collagen, Vitamins A, C & Vitamin E, along with an SPF-rating touching 15, consists of an entire skin-care range of foam-cleaners, serums, toners, eye & re-surfacing-creams and make-up removers. This cream promises to give a younger appearing skin by making use of Linoleic Acid, that is known to stimulate production of collagen and enhance activity in the skin cells to decrease the appearance of thin lines and wrinkles in only 7 days time.

Advantages of using Ponds Age Miracle

  • Delivers considerable results in the promised time span.
  • A price tag of $24 is also pretty reasonable.

Drawbacks of using Ponds Age Miracle

  • Hardly any research findings available on the product.
  • Ponds website does not contain any worthwhile information on the product.

Final Verdict on Ponds Age Miracle

Having moved ahead from its initial days of offering a witch-hazel potion, the new age anti-aging products offered by Ponds need a befitting website as well to reflect the rich history of the company, and how it has evolved through the ages. This would greatly help the users in developing a better perception about the products. Coming from an internationally renowned brand like Ponds, their needs to be more consistency with regards to sharing the product information, irrespective of the fact that the product is selling in US markets or the Indian markets.

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